The Magazine Diaries 100-words chart

For the last couple of weeks, I’ve put out the Magazine Diaries top-10, pick of the posts.

Clearly this is a bogus made up chart of absolutely no real merit whatsoever. Number 7 might have been on the site for longer than anyone else. Number 3 might have a huge Twitter following. Number 1 might have an auntie with even more Twitter followers.

So why am I wasting time doing it?

First, it’s a bit of fun. People like lists, so lets give them one to get them paying attention to the Magazine Diaries website.

Second, maybe you never noticed, but magazine people are insanely competitive. By introducing an element of competition through the chart I’m hoping to spark a frantic wave of social sharing as contributors try to get themselves to the top of the table.

Third, and most important, I’m hoping engaging content and lots of social sharing will bring people back to the Magazine Diaries website, even after the flow of 100-word contributions has slowed down. And that means we can maintain interest until we get our little book published and start selling it to raise some money for MagAid – and that is the whole point of the Magazine Diaries project.

If you’re a wee bit miffed that you haven’t made it into the top 10, or worse, you’ve been pushed out, don’t get mad, get even. Tell everyone you know about your 100-word post… send them a link… badger them until they read it… get them to share it… get everyone ready to buy a copy of the Magazine Diaries when it’s published.

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