Show them the dinosaurs

The first time I saw a dinosaur, a Formula 1 car and a supermodel in a bikini they were on the pages of a magazine.

There are many people eager to discover things on our planet and I believe magazine know-how can play a part in their journey. Human curiosity needs expert guidance. It needs informed, organised surprise. Magazines stand for both.

Publishers around the world just need to learn how to use all the new tools the digital world offers, like our children do these days.

It’s funny, such a simple recipe: Follow the children… And show them the dinosaurs!

Fabrizio D’Angelo | CEO, Burda International; Chairman, FIPP

Grub Street Journal

You’ve come a long way, baby

I fell into the magazine business in 2005 when I attended conferences to learn about ‘Web 2.0’.

I heard gems such as, “Stop holding your stories back for the print edition – publish web first”. “How are we going to monetise our websites now we’ve given all our content away for free?”. Even (shock horror) “Does our magazine brand need a website?”.

Almost 10 years on, and I’ve seen a complete turnaround in the messages gleaned from these conferences. The industry has been through tough times, but is now positive, focused, determined and perhaps most importantly, innovative.

Put simply, I love it.

Amy Duffin | Communications Manager, FIPP

Grub Street Journal

Woman’s Weekly is monthly?

I was a ‘know it all’ UK publisher. Then I went to a FIPP Congress.

I learned that Women’s Weekly in Australia is monthly; that editorial offices in Singapore are organised by Feng Shui, not workflow models; that international magazines are priced according to weight in South Africa; and was amazed that Manure Management from Canada found so much to write about.

I was forced to think afresh, to look differently at why we do what we do.

Our industry is truly global, and meeting new people, sharing experiences and knowledge, can only strengthen our ability to meet future challenges.

Chris Llewellyn | CEO, FIPP, the worldwide magazine media association

Grub Street Journal