Why stop at 100?

First things first, by close of play Friday we had well over 100 entries for the Magazine Diaries. We have everything we need to make our wee book… Thank You!

The 100-post limit and Friday’s deadline were all about getting the book put together and printed in time for MagFest in Edinburgh, September 5th. That part of the process is well and truly underway.

But magazine people being magazine people, I’ve had several submissions since Friday and I’m now thinking ‘WHY STOP?’. If people are happy to keep writing 100 words on how it feels to be in this amazing, frustrating, fascinating business, I’m more than happy to keep posting them.

So if you didn’t get your act together in time to write 100 words before Friday’s deadline, if you only just found out about the Magazine Diaries, or if you fancy writing another 100 words, the 100-word page will stay open for business as long as magazine people keep writing 100-word posts.

Grub Street Journal