The Magazine Diaries: 2020

About six years ago, I reached out to friends and colleagues in the magazine industry and asked what it felt like to be working in magazine publishing ‘in the middle of the biggest disruption in publishing history‘.

The Coronavirus Crisis is clearly now the biggest disruption in publishing history and I’m resurrecting the Magazine Diaries to chronicle how magazine people are coping with the chaos that this awful disease has unleashed.

The first Magazine Diaries project started with a lovely little A5 bookazine. This time round I’m keeping it digital, at least until we’re on the other side of lockdown. But the content will be exactly the same – 100 words each from 100 magazine people, all about being a magazine professional during the pandemic.

Writing exactly 100 words, no more no less, is not as easy as it sounds. Saying what you want in 100 words, especially about such a monumental , is hard. Making every one of those words sing is even harder. But you can do it, you’re a magazine maker.

And by pitching in, you will be helping the vendors and publishers of The BIG ISSUE one of the magazines hardest hit by the crisis.

With vendors kept off the street by the lockdown the Big Issue needs everyone who normally bought it when they were out and about to take a three month subscription. Every 100-word post on The Magazine Diaries: 2020 will link directly to the Big Issue Subscription page and carry a little tipping button so that readers can contribute extra to the Big Issue foundation.

If you’re interested in helping out, sign up for the project updates newsletter and we’ll be in touch soon with details on how to submit your 100 words and a few suggestions for topics we’d love to hear more about.

Stay safe,


Editor // The Magazine Diaries