I’m not a magazine person

I am not a magazine person. I make conferences for magazine people.

I’ve made all kinds of conferences before; when it came to magazines, it was just another job. It’s very abstract work. You learn all the trade secrets, but barely understand a word anybody says.

Six months: I spoke to everyone and they told me everything. They were transforming content strategies, building new ad products, and following their customers everywhere.

One fine day I was invited to see a magazine CEO. What were these rectangles lined along the wall?

That was the day I learned what a magazine was.

Dan Williamson | Strategy Manager, TheMediaBriefing

Grub Street Journal

Stop calling the internet a medium

The internet isn’t a new medium, it’s a network.

Each ‘revolution’ in media since the printing press – newspapers,
radio, cinema, TV – was essentially just an evolution of a broadcast
model with one distribution point and many consumers.

The internet is completely different. It’s narrowcast, it’s personalised, it’s two-way, or any way anyone with an internet connection wants it to be.

Magazine companies still have the expertise to make content people
want, probably better content than most others can make.

But they need to shed the attitudes that came with the privilege of
having access to a printing press.

Jasper Jackson | Editor and chief analyst, TheMediaBriefing.com

Grub Street Journal