I’ve worked in advertising sales for 14 years. Every year targets increase and I need to find new advertisers in an increasingly competitive market.

I feel sick when I look at my targets. I lay in bed thinking of innovative ways to help my clients reach their customers, build their brand and beat their competitors.

I get to travel the world to some nice places… and to some not-so-nice places.

Would I change my career? Not a chance. I live off the adrenaline of a deadline and seeing the magazine land at the end makes it all worthwhile.

Long live print media…

Carol Hardy | Group Advertising Manager, Rapid News Communications

Grub Street Journal

The B2B life

So much for me starting out in trade journalism then darting off to Vogue after six months. Twenty years on and I’m still loving everything B2B magazines throw at me.

Publishing is great. I especially love B2B if only for the reason that when you tell people what you do, they say ‘oooooh’ and when you tell them on what, they say ‘oh’.

Joking aside, there’s nothing better than putting together a magazine or writing website stories hoping your readers like what you’ve done. Plus, you get to meet fantastic people and travel the world – what could be better?

Lu Rahman | Group editor, Rapid News Communications

Grub Street Journal

There’s been a terrible mistake!

I never asked for any of this. I’m meant to be a pharmacologist.

Yet here I am, trying to guide a ‘magazine’ through the mire.

And I wouldn’t change it. Not the constant battle to define my role, my products, my raison d’être. Nor the exhibition exhaustion, 10 hours in cattle class and the interminable thought that I am still doing it all wrong.

We have the opportunity to redefine an ages-old industry. Make a mistake, make a breakthrough, make a mess of it all. You’re still making and that’s good for the soul.

Plus, it beats dissecting rats.

Jim Woodcock | Group Editor & Conference Director, Rapid News Communications

Grub Street Journal

A dedicated follower of fashion

Publishing is like fashion.

You have to follow the trends, live them, watch them, indulge them. Your pages are a mirror, your readers want to see content that reflects them. The economy dictates spending. Your advertisers will be either be freely spending or penny pinching.

Your magazine is a wardrobe. Mixing the timeless, vintage pages of print with the contemporary, modern slickness of digital – or discarding one so there is more room for the other.

Trends will be tried, some will work, and others won’t. There is no ‘one size fits all’, but there are many dedicated followers of fashion.

Leanne Taylor | Group Editor, Plastics, Rapid News Communications Group

Grub Street Journal

The by-line I deserve

It took me seven years, countless hours of unpaid work, two letters of resignation and more than a few gallons of boiling blood and salty tears before I got the by-line I deserve.

Young journalists have to work extraordinarily hard but if you love writing enough, you’ll get your break.

As well as a bit of luck and a pinch of talent, being an open, positive person is vital. Magazine publishing is about sharing knowledge and making yourself useful to the whole team.

The people who believe magazine publishing is about treading on necks are out of touch.

Rose Brooke | Editor, Rapid News Communications


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