Long after I’m done

Having spent nearly 40 years managing print in all its forms, in advertising agencies, design studios, printers and now publishing, I’ve seen trends come and go.

In fact, I’ve been around so long I’m seeing things coming around for a second time!

The main thing is – it’s about evolving, finding better ways, coming up with new ideas. Print is not the force it was but, and it’s a big BUT, research is still showing us that people like to read mags.

So let’s be positive about the future of magazines – they’ll still be here long after I’m done.

Tony Smith | Production manager, Connect Communications

Grub Street Journal

Excited like a 19-year old

In October 1986 aged 19 and about to enter the world of PR, I bought a new music magazine called Q. It opened my ears to music and my eyes to magazines.

Fast forward 27 years to the PPA Centenary dinner in London. Among the doyens of the publishing industry were Q founders David Hepworth and Mark Ellen. I was excited like the 19-year old me, too nervous to ask for their autographs.

That’s what magazines mean to me. The challenges make me nervous, but the wealth of opportunities we have in the digital age makes me excited every day.

Alan Ramsay | MD, Connect Publications; Chairman, PPA Scotland

* Alan still has his first issue of Q and still subscribes.

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