Sunday, 1974

Ed Needham
Editor & Publisher
Strong Words magazine

My work has been largely unaffected by lockdown – I write Strong Words from home: motionless, desk-bound and in silence. People had a rowdier time making the Book of Kells.

And books are impervious to the virus. They are entertainment’s indomitable formula. Even after all technology has stopped working they will still be doing their thing, in exactly the same format.

The big difference has been the every-day-is-like-Sunday mood (a Sunday circa 1974). Everything closed. No news. No drama outside my window. 

The magazine draws its vitality from the human carnival, so the sooner that great demented parade returns, the better.

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In imperfection we hope

Jackie Scully
Executive Director
Think Travel

In 2019, perfection was the benchmark. So we strategised and we planned and we tweaked. In 2020, imperfection set the standard. So we pivoted and we innovated and we created. 

In 2019, fear of failure held us back. In 2020, compassion made us fearless, and fearlessness drove us forward. 

In 2019, we wrote papers, presented powerpoints and laboured over day-long brainstorms. In 2020, we just got stuff done – and fast.  We turned activity into authenticity.

In 2019, we chased growth. In 2020, we grew (but not in the way anyone expected).

Whatever the future holds, may it be perfectly imperfect.

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PDFs only

Scott Paterson
Journalist, 110% Gaming
DC Thomson Media

Digital. Everything’s digital. And for someone so versed in print, that’s a strange thing. Not necessarily a bad thing, but strange.

Staring at a screen all day, not interacting face to face with my colleagues, not going for a wee jaunt with them at lunchtime.

The magazine carries on though. And that’s really positive. The great feedback from our readers and their parents, the creative competition entries, these make the job worth doing, and that’s worth remembering.

I’ve only seen PDF copies of 110% Gaming since March, but I’ll have my own print editions back soon. And I can’t wait.

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Staking a claim

Azkha Khokhar
brown + anxious

Here are some things I know to be true and a couple of other things that I’m working on to be a part of my ultimate truth.

I started designing, writing, and editing my own digital magazine during a pandemic. I had an intense urge within me, that sometimes felt physical, to manifest my ideas to fruition.

Every day is a chance for me to face my imposter syndrome head-on – the same one that tells me I’m not worthy to stake a claim in this industry, nor to be so confident in pursuing a romanticised ideology with so little ‘experience’.

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We launched a magazine

Anna Bassi
Editor-in-chief, The Week Junior
Dennis Publishing

We gathered our belongings on 16 March and headed home, to work. With a hard weekly deadline, settling in gently wasn’t an option.

We filled pages with positivity when the only news was coronavirus. We created covers celebrating acts of kindness, hailing heroes, and mimicking the tiled screen of a conference call with kids. One featured a rainbow for readers to decorate and display.

On 20 March we launched a magazine, in America. We’d spent a year preparing for everything but a pandemic. Yet the editorial team pulled it off, and we cheered, alight with pride, from across the ocean.

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