My first quarter century

1990. My first (real) job: selling recruitment ads for Inside Housing magazine. Cameroon were making a big noise at the World Cup. Thatcher was in power.  We could smoke at our desks.

2014. Germany are football champions again. I still sell ROI but now build bespoke, solutions-based packages around conversations, to help partners ‘add value’, ‘gain traction’, ‘leverage assets’.  I position clients as thought-leaders and provide ‘multiple marketing touch-points’. I ponder clicktivism, Klout, discoverability, bang for bucks.  I agonise over hashtag optimisation.

The future is here, with bells on. I’m looking forward to the next quarter century; disrupted, exhilarated, smoke-free.

Helen Rosemier | Commercial Director, PPA

Grub Street Journal