The essence of the role

As a journalist for a business-to-business title, I often feel a little schizophrenic.

Lots of readers tell me: “I love my print. I can read it wherever I want.” But my marketing and publishing colleagues say: “No, you don’t understand. It’s all about online.”

But I do understand.

The revolution in the publishing industry is making every journalist question who they are, but the essence of the role hasn’t changed. You are still trying to get as many as possible to read what you’ve written.

It’s just how your words are seen that has changed. That’s all.

Ralph Cunningham | Managing Editor, International Tax Review, Euromoney


Grub Street Journal

Coffee tastes better

Magazines are like the LPs of the music world. Big, tangible and glossy, you can’t wait to get into them. You keep going back to the good ones.

Online mags are the mp3s.  More shareable, more ethereal. They’re there… but they’re not really “there”, are they? Little digital words staring at you from Nowhere Land through a luminous screen.

No wonder vinyl is enjoying a comeback, because no mp3 file can replace the velvety “really there” vocals of an LP.

For me, nothing beats flicking through the silky paper pages of a real mag. Coffee tastes better when you’re reading one.

Grub Street Journal

There’s been a terrible mistake!

I never asked for any of this. I’m meant to be a pharmacologist.

Yet here I am, trying to guide a ‘magazine’ through the mire.

And I wouldn’t change it. Not the constant battle to define my role, my products, my raison d’être. Nor the exhibition exhaustion, 10 hours in cattle class and the interminable thought that I am still doing it all wrong.

We have the opportunity to redefine an ages-old industry. Make a mistake, make a breakthrough, make a mess of it all. You’re still making and that’s good for the soul.

Plus, it beats dissecting rats.

Jim Woodcock | Group Editor & Conference Director, Rapid News Communications

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Long after I’m done

Having spent nearly 40 years managing print in all its forms, in advertising agencies, design studios, printers and now publishing, I’ve seen trends come and go.

In fact, I’ve been around so long I’m seeing things coming around for a second time!

The main thing is – it’s about evolving, finding better ways, coming up with new ideas. Print is not the force it was but, and it’s a big BUT, research is still showing us that people like to read mags.

So let’s be positive about the future of magazines – they’ll still be here long after I’m done.

Tony Smith | Production manager, Connect Communications

Grub Street Journal

I love magazines

I love magazines.  What’s not to love?

Every week, the postal service brings me several beautifully curated collections written by experts in my favorite subjects – with photos!

Today it might be a business magazine.  Tomorrow it could be outdoor adventures.  The next day, martial arts.  Then cooking. Fashion.  Travel. Politics.  Pets.  Technology.  Even about ways to be intelligently optimistic.

Magazines bring me what I expect and they bring  surprises.  They come directly to my home.  I can read them whenever and wherever I want, without a clicker.  I am my own channel guide.

I love magazines and I always will.

Mike Greehan | Partner & COO, Cue Ball, LLC

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