I was going to ask Felix to write 100 words, but he died.

Felix was larger than life, a maverick, an eccentric. He said he knew what you wanted two minutes before you did. Felix was funny, charming, difficult. He shouted at people, then made sure they got home safe and sound. Felix was a millionaire, an entrepreneur, a poet. He knew how to get rich, but gave the wine away for free.

Without Felix, magazines will be a bit more corporate, a bit safer. He went to jail for his.

We should remember that… and Felix… although he couldn’t care less.

Peter Houston | Editor, The Magazine Diaries

Grub Street Journal

Digital Distraction?

Fashion comes and goes. Digital is in vogue, but who’s to say it will last?

The race is on to find the next big thing in digital technology. It’s a daily scramble to invent something to catch the eye of would-be advertisers or readers, stealing a march on the opposition.

We are all in the creative industry now, not the media industry. We fight the opposition from the office, not street-fighting, more suit-fighting.

Perhaps, one day we’ll turn full circle, when a bold Creative Editorial Director decrees their digital magazine will soon launch its first ever printed issue.

Imagine that.

Mal Robinson | Editor-In-Chief, Media73


Grub Street Journal

June mailout

June 5th 2014. Another f2 issue to mail and Comag.

Subscribers doubled since f2 came back to Icon Publications in April – but what’s twice sod all? Bi-monthly EPOS sales set to double but Comag’s entire remittance won’t cover WHS’s shelf stocking fees. We must sell 75% of news trade delivery, as we did 20 years ago, to pay for print worth a £4.95 cover price.

Another US sub arrives… another £6.85 postage franked for their first copy. 150gsm stock, feels like a book, US magazines can’t compete! We could create quarterly books for the same sub.

Goodbye landfill. Hello bookshelves…

David Kilpatrick | Publisher, f2 Freelance Photographer

Grub Street Journal