Help tell the story of magazine making in 2014 and support children’s literacy in the UK…

What’s it like to be a magazine professional in the middle of the biggest disruption in publishing history? You hear the prognostications every day, but does anyone ever ask you how you really feel about what you do?

We’re planning to publish The Magazine Diaries, a little book packed full of those feelings, and we need your help to put it together.

Do you find magazine publishing today exciting? Terrifying? Boring? Are there buzzwords that drive you mad? Do you long for the past or are you desperate for the future to arrive? We want you to get it off your chest and write a 100-word diary entry that will help the rest of the world understand what it’s like being a magazine professional in 2014.

Our aim is to get 100 diary entries of 100 words each in time to launch the book at Magfest on 5 September in Edinburgh. The deadline for submissions is July 30th August 8th. If you need a little inspiration, have a look at the entries that have been posted already.

All we need is you to email your 100 words, your name, your organisation and your Twitter handle to

Oh and before you get started, all profits from the publication will go to MagAid, a charity using magazines to improve literacy among young people in disadvantaged areas of the UK.